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Rules and Procedures.

1 – The competition is open to both professionals and amateurs alike however all photographs entered must have been taken from publicly accessible areas which include GRRC areas. Please read the rules and competition classes carefully to avoid any disappointment during the judging process. 

2 – All photographs entered must have been taken by the entrant in the years 2021 and 2022. Photographs entered into previous IGPG photo competitions will not be admitted.

3 – Full IGPG members may enter a maximum of SEVEN out of the ten classes of their choice, max one photo per class. Associate IGPG members (non-paid) may enter a maximum of THREE classes of their choice, max one photo per class.

4 – ALL photographs must be entered as prints at either A4 or 12x8 in size on the photographic paper of your choice. Photographs may be cropped to any degree but do not cut the paper to size. Please do not mount your photos or write anything on the back and please make sure all watermarks are removed.

5 – Photographs entered may be processed in Photoshop or similar. 

6 – Failure to follow these rules may lead to your entry/entries being disqualified from the competition. 

7 – All entries should be sent to the following address – 

         IGPG Photographic Competition

         Park Lodge, Bedham Road,

         Fittleworth, Pulborough.

         West Sussex. RH20 1JH.

Please include a completed downloadable entry form (available on the IGPG Facebook Group page) and ensure your photos are well packaged and protected as no responsibility will be accepted by the IGPG and committee for any damage whilst in transit.

8 – All entries MUST be received by 1st NOVEMBER 2022, late entries will not be accepted except where postal strikes or acts of god have delayed delivery.

9- On receipt of entries, all photos will be uniquely numbered and logged with the entrant's name. The judges will only see the photograph and its number during the judging process to retain anonymity.

10 - Judging will take place between December and February (Covid 19 allowing) by a panel of judges, independent of the IGPG and their decision will be final.

11 - Once judging is complete, all points will be added up to find the IGPG Photographer of the Year. Points will be scored - 4 for a 1st, 3 for a 2nd, 2 for a 3rd and 1 for a HC (where awarded), with the winner being the person accruing the most points. In the event of a tie, then the photographer with the most first places will win and so on. There will also be an award for the IGPG Amateur Photographer of the Year for the most points accrued by those marking their entry form as such. However, the amateur winner from the previous year will not be eligible. The judges will also be looking for their favourite photographs which will be awarded the Judges Choice award and the Duke's award respectively.

12 – The date of the exhibition is normally the last Sunday in February, which is 26th February 2023, the committee reserve the right to amend the date and venue of the show not less than one month before the date stated or to cancel the show altogether. In this event the showing of the winning photographs and prize giving will be held virtually online.

13 - On the day of the show, all visitors will be asked to vote for their favourite photograph out of all the entries on display. The photo polling the most votes will be awarded the IGPG Photograph of the Year.

14 - Prize cards will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and highly commended and all trophies will be presented on the day of the show.

15 - All photographs should be collected at the end of the show. For those entering but unable to attend, please make arrangements to either collect them at another time or provide stamped addressed envelopes for their return.



IGPG Photographic Competition No 8 - 2022/2023.


CLASS 1 - Wheel to Wheel - track action between two or more cars/bikes

CLASS 2 - People at Goodwood - a person or people, famous or not so

CLASS 3 - A Closer Look - any subject up close but not necessarily macro

CLASS 4 - All Alone - any subject but object/person must appear to be alone

CLASS 5 - Americana - any subject but the object/person must be American or represent the idea of America

CLASS 6 - Beyond the gates of Goodwood - any subject from any motorsporting event from around the world

CLASS 7 - Iconic Liveries - Any iconic livery seen on cars/bikes

CLASS 8 - And now for something completely different - any photo showing a different angle, subject, or view

CLASS 9 - Monochrome couples and pairs - any subject/person but in two's

CLASS 10 - Stalls & sideshows - any of the stalls, sideshows, funfairs, and the people who visit or work on them.