The new IGPG membership scheme.

As you may have seen, we have launched our new membership scheme today. Before I go into details, there are one or two things to clear up first. 

Firstly, the new membership scheme will have NO effect on the facebook page whatsoever. ALL members will be able to post here as has always been the case and this will be enshrined in the new constitution.

Secondly, you do not have to join the new scheme to continue being a member of the IGPG and for some it may not be worth it. However we hope that there will sufficient reason for many of you join. 

Lastly, there is some question as to why we are doing this. As it stands, it costs about £800-£1000 per year to run the IGPG in its current form, a cost initially stumped up by committee members before recouping costs. Even with the best will in the world, this is unsustainable. So why not just stop doing the competition and save on all the costs?

Well, here's the thing, as far as I can tell, there is no other annual motorsport photography competition (worth a Google, if you find one then please let us know). We had to invent our own and we are passionate about keeping it going and hope that many of you are also. Kinda makes the group unique, so we need to make it sustainable.

The new membership scheme will launch on 1st January 2020 and is open to all members of the IGPG. 

Costs for 2020 will be 

Student membership £10

Single membership £20

Joint membership £30


Benefits of full membership

- membership card

- can post on the Facebook page in the usual way

- free entry to the annual photographic competition, up to seven entries 

- free entry to the annual photographic exhibition and prize giving on production on the membership card.

- percentage off equipment at London Camera Exchange (Chichester branch only) on production of membership card. Percentage and discount at discretion of the manager.

- 20% discount on printing services at Border Digital Ltd.

- free entry to the AGM and Autumn lecture on production of membership card.

- can vote at the AGM

- IGPG website pages for full members photos and website links

- can attend any social events

- first offer on any future IGPG ticketed events.


For those not wanting to become full members, you need do nothing. As an Associate members, you can

- post on the Facebook page in the usual way

- can enter up to three photographs in the photographic competition at £1 per entry.

- can attend the photographic exhibition

- can attend IGPG social events

- can attend IGPG ticketed events subject to ticket limitations and cost

- 10% discount on printing services at Border Digital Ltd.

Associate membership is free